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Sebastian Papworth

Sebastian Papworth is a licensed Riviera Maya realtor. He joined the real-estate sector 9 years ago in Mexico City where he was born and bred, but he soon decided to pursue his life-long dream of living and working in the Mexican Caribbean.

Fully bilingual, Sebastian grew up speaking Spanish and English alike, making him 100% bicultural and equally at home in both worlds. His in-depth knowledge of purchasing property in Mexico puts him in a position to walk you through every step of the process while also making it a fun, hassle-free experience.

Sebastian is passionately devoted to his work. He won the Salesperson of the Year Award in one of Mexico’s leading real estate firms, and the prize consisted of attending a Sales and Negotiating Workshop at Harvard University three years ago.

He now leads the Jungle Realtor Sales Team.


A licensed realtor in Quintana Roo, Mark has been living his passion for helping clients realize their dreams for the past three years.

He began his professional career working in the banking sector, then graduated with a BA in Economics from Heidelberg University in Germany, his country of origin.

In addition to his passion for numbers, his love of travelling all over the world has given him great insight into different cultures and mindsets, which is proving very useful in a cosmopolitan, multicultural client setting such as the Riviera Maya.

Prior to joining Jungle, he worked for one of the largest developers in the region, which gave him the experience and expertise needed to become a highly motivated and skilled real-estate agent.


We started looking for an investment property in Tulum on our own and contacted at least 10 realtors, most of them if not all were just selling and not really looking and understanding our needs until we found Sergio! He presented us few options but was not really what we looking for. We had a second call where we listed exactly what we wanted and trust me it was a very large list. 2 weeks after “BOOM” our dream house.

Thank you for all your support and for putting us in this position to quit our jobs, move to Tulum and start living the Tulum-Dream. Personal advise: think exactly what you want and be open with him. I am pretty sure he will give you the best advise!

- Tyron Junge

Enrique did an amazing job helping us find the perfect property. When we started looking for a property we reached out to several realtors. Enrique set himself apart because he truly listened and cared about finding a property to fit our needs, his communications were consistent and prompt, he took the time to explain and handle all the details of the buying process, and he provided great third-party (financial, legal, property management, insurance) recommendations when they were needed. We were very lucky to find Enrique and highly recommend him to others.

- Zachary Labrie


I worked with Sebastian:

He called me to introduce himself before doing any type of discovery/fact-finding. He also spent time educating me on the market and managing my expectations before doing any discovery. That included, That he sent me a very detailed analysis of what is realistic rent income based on the area and size of the unit. It included comps from the area as well as an analysis of future infrastructure plans and how those will affect the market (ex. Beach access roads, shopping centers, etc) as well as an analysis of developers in the area, past projects, and the good the bad and ugly for me to weed out developers that I could have issues with at some point. The quality and specificity of the information were what I needed to feel comfortable with my first international purchase. Additionally, the discovery/ fact-finding took place after we had established a level of communication. This gave me great confidence in his ability to not only sell a property but act as an advisor and understand my vision and what I wanted, and build my options around that specifically. I bought the perfect rental condo, and not only did I have total confidence in Sebastian and the jungle team, but all of the people he introduced me to (property managers, other clients, and lawyers).

I will definitely buy with the jungle team again!

- Charlotte Raciboski